The story

The Story

The Other Life Project was created in 2015 and has since then been staged 13 times at different venues in Northern Europe. The performance in the Dome of Visions is the last and longest installation of The Other Life Project.

The Other Life Project is fundamentally about being and becomming together. With that focus it moves away from most performances and the focus on performers entertaining an audience. In that, the performance-installation is not very spectacular, but rather celebrates the small, intimate meetings between people.

The Other Life Project is fundamental research into the self of both the artists and audience. It is an opportunity to experience yourself sensing and being in new ways and is open for everyone who feels like playing with opening up the boxes that we call “identity” and “reality”.

In our experience so far, The Other Life is a space where guests can reflect upon and experiment with identities, interaction and being. They can explore and attempt to develop new understandings of what it is possible to be and do, individually or together with others.

Previous Performances

August 12-13, 2017: The Lighthouse (DK)
4 participants + interactive audience / 48 hours

May 5-7, 2017: The Lighthouse (DK)
9 participants + interactive audience / 48 hours

February 24, 2017: Knutepunkt festival (NO)
30 participants / 4 hours

October 22, 2016: Göteborg (SE)
9 participants / 5 hours

May 28, 2016:Authentic Relating Festival 2016 (DK)
30 participants / 4 hours

April 9, 2016: Berlin (DE)
8 participants / 5 hours

March 5, 2016: Prolog festival (SE)
14 participants /3 hours

December 5, 2015: Stockholm (SE)
8 participants / 5 hours

November 27, 2015: Blackbox CPH festival (DK)
25 participants /4 hours

October 30, 2015: Grenselandet festival (NO)
15 participants /4 hours

October 17, 2015: Maredalen (NO)
5 participants /48 hours

October 3, 2015: Copenhagen (DK)
5 participants /4 hours

July 20-26, 2015: The Borderland (DK)
4 participants /72 hours