By Peter Munthe-Kaas In Uncategorized July 5, 2017

Can you imagine what it would be like to be another version of yourself? If you were to invite yourself to be someone new for a day, what would you be? How would you like to see, taste, touch, talk, interact? If you could leave some part of yourself behind during that day, what would that be? What would allow you to be free to explore new ways of experiencing, thinking and interacting?

The Other Life Project is an ongoing art project using performance as a tool for exploration, discovery and transformation of self. As artists we want to immerse ourselves and others in personal experiments with how we experience and perform realities.

In september 2017, 15 performers and artists from Northern Europe will live in the Dome of Visions in Aarhus for 5 days. Before entering the Dome, they will leave their names behind to create a break from identity and from there start exploring what it can be like to be themselves, without the limitations they usually impose on themselves.

Principles of the performance:
– Everything is public. Allow your process to be witnessed.
– Be honest. Not least to yourself. Ask what you want of people, but accept that the answer might be a no.
– Allow things to be important and significant. Be they physical objects, other people or situations.

Audience Experience
As audience, you are invited to engage with The Other Life Project at the level you feel comfortable with.

Read, hear and see the processes of the performers as you pass through the performance. You will be able to find fragments of struggles, developments, thoughs and dreams everywhere in the form of letters, audio recordings or video diaries in addition to the hear-and-now processes going on.

Three times a day, you are invited to participate in workshops with the performers. These are unscripted and often improvised, based on the desire to explore new aspects of being.

If you want to engage more with the performers, we invite you to bring a gift – something that can be shared with one or more of the performers as you sit down and seek deeper connection.

The Other Life is an opportunity to experience the world around you and relate to other people unbiased by what you consider to be true, real or important. The Other Life allows you to explore yourself, your perceptions of the world and the ways you interact with others in a space with strangers, that are searching, exploring and challenging themselves just the way you are. You don’t have to be yourself and neither does anybody else. We invite you to leave your prejudices behind and enter the project with an open mind and with faith in the people around you.